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Secure Online Banking: RNBSecureID Multifactor





RNB State Bank and Front Range State Bank is working hard to secure our online banking services so that our customers have the confidence that their information is being protected.

RNB State Bank and Front Range State Bank is proud to deliver the highest level of security for our internet banking customers.


RNB State Bank and Front Range State Bank added an additional layer of security that will change the way you log into our internet banking service. These changes will provide even greater levels of protection against fraudulent attacks such as phishing, spoofing, key logging and identify theft. All users will be required to select challenge questions and answers, select a unique image and create a personal description for the image that is only known by you. Each time you log in thereafter, the image will appear to verify to you that you are on RNB State Bank and Front Range State Bank’s web site before entering your password. You will not have to select a new password during this process.

The final level of the new security is the authentication of your computer. RNB State Bank and Front Range State Bank has the ability to recognize the computer or computers from which you usually log on. If our system detects a suspicious login due to an unfamiliar computer, it will automatically present you with challenge questions that were previously selected.


Step 1: Login using your access ID. (located in the upper right hand of our homepage)

Then click log in.

This will then take you to the password screen.

Enter your password and click submit.

Step 2: Set Security Data.

On this page you will see an Authentication Image and Pass Phrase.

Step 3: Create a personal description (Pass phrase) to the image.

This is not a password, but a personal descriptor to go with the image. This is to help guard against fraudulent attacks.

Step 4: Select your challenge questions and provide your answers.

Note:If you click on the down arrow to the right of the questions, you can select a different question to answer.

Step 5: Select whether to register this computer.

If you are on a trusted computer then you can register it as a private computer and we will not ask you to go though the challenge.

Note: Only register personal computers that you frequently use and are not available for public use.

Step 6: Click Submit

The next time you log onto our internet banking service, RNB State Bank and Front Range State Bank will recognize you and display the image and personal description you (Pass phrase) selected.

If you do not see this image and the pass phrase that goes with it, we recommend getting out of the site and reporting to us immediately.