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RNB Officers and Directors


Bruce Hellbaum, President and Director

Mark Sheeley, Longmont Market President, CCO – NMLS #773728

Brandy Wallace, CFO

Sabrina Hamby, Rawlins Market President – NMLS #1490324

Dan Runner, Saratoga Market President – NMLS #2189780

Samuel S. Clarke, VP CTO

Mel Green, Senior VP Commercial Lender – NMLS #510332

Randall Hoffman, RNB Lending Group President – NMLS #636865

Ryan Sword, Deputy Chief Credit Officer – NMLS #484091

Robyn Ridgway, VP Operations

Aneta Paulk, VP Front Range State Bank Loan Production Office, NMLS #760948

Jody Rogers, VP Finance/CRA Officer

Georgia Miller, AVP Consumer Lender – NMLS #678116

Stacy Larson, AVP Operations – NMLS #1267261

Amanda Reed, AVP, BSA Officer

Renata Stemp, VP Commercial Lender – NMLS #481900

Rose Vaughn, AVP Branch Manager

Lindy James AVP Human Resources


Fred Kelly, Chair

Bruce Hellbaum

Rocky Fiedor

Rick MeLone

Richard Chenoweth

Dan Gust

Tim Hofmann

John MacPherson, Director Emeritus