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Resources for Preventing and Reporting Identity Theft

The RNB State Bank and Front Range State Bank is committed to helping customers affected by identity theft reduce the time and effort it takes to restore their financial identity. If you are a victim of identity theft, take the following three steps as soon as possible:

  • Notify your financial institutions immediately – Call The RNB State Bank and Front Range State Bank at (800)788-9479, or contact us online from our Contact Page to report any suspicion of fraud. You may also be eligible for a referral to the Identity Theft Assistance Center. In addition, inform credit card issuers and other financial institutions affected by the fraud.
  • Contact credit bureaus and authorities – Notify the three major credit bureaus of the fraud in writing, and ask them to put a fraud alert on your credit report. See below for contact details.
  • Start rebuilding your good credit – Open new accounts to replace any accounts you had to close, and change all of your personal identification numbers (PINs).

Credit Bureaus
In addition to contacting a credit bureau with your initial report, we recommend that you follow up with a letter to confirm your claim. Be sure to keep a copy for your records. The links to the credit bureaus are provided below:

Equifax ( 800-685-1111.

Experian ( 888-397-3742.

TransUnion ( 800-888-4213.

Identity Theft Resources
Below are links to additional resources and documents to help you protect against or report identity theft.

Brochure and Forms
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the following:

The RNB State Bank and Front Range State Bank’s Information Safety White Paper: “Tips for Banking Online Safely”

The Identity Theft Checklist from The U.S. Department of Justice.

Instructions from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for completing the ID Theft Affidavit and Fraudulent Account Statement forms.

Sample of dispute letters used to report fraudulent activity to credit card issuers and credit bureaus.

Federal Trade Commission Websites

Deter, Detect, Defend: Avoid ID Theft.

Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft.